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ZTII icons

iPhone 6 plus icons are built on a 180x180 pixel canvas, a little bit larger than iPhone 6/5s icons, which allows more detail to be added. The contacts icon image above is the actual size of the ZTII icons for the iPhone 6 plus.  iPhone 6 icons are the same size as the 5/5s they are built on a 120x120 pixel canvas and packed with details making full use of the retina display.  When coming up with the size and shape of the ZTII icons I wanted to keep all the icon art centered.  This way even if your icons are not themed the art will be displayed centered.  Therefore when using iconOmatic, unthemed icons can look the best possible without being themed.

ZTII Wall Pack

ZTII comes with 4 official walls, each with the same style but in drastically different colors. These walls were created with the perfect hues, gradients and smooth lines for a flawless look on your idevice. I am sure many more walls will come but for now im keeping things simple and starting out with a select few.  When you purchase the theme from Cydia, they will be found among your stock apple wallpapers.  They will also be available to download from this site sometime in the near future.


As of right now I’m happy to say ZTII has over 150 amazingly detailed high quality icons for the iPhone 6 plus and compatible with the iphone 5/6.  My current plans are to continue getting things ready for an iOS9 release.  As always thanks for your support and patience.




 I am also excited to say that ZTII will come with an iconOmatic dock and classic badges to help fill the springboard with that missing depth we all love and miss so much!